Bird Protection For Solar Panels

Nesting pigeons are problematic and dangerous for properties with solar panels.  There is a risk to the wires on the panels becoming damaged, then arcing, causing nests to ignite and cause a fire on your roof

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Bird protection for solar panels


Offers a 99% certainty that birds will not go underneath your array. With a new reinforced plastic

Optimal ventilation is maintained for the best efficiency

Reduces the risk of damage to the solar panel back sheet

Reduces noise pollution by the birds

Pigeons are known for their ability to find their way home, but the numbers taking up residence underneath solar panels are causing a headache for property owners.

Ideally bird protection for Solar Panels should be fitted at the time the panels are installed, it is normally cheaper to do it then as access equipment (scaffold) is already in place.  However if it wasn’t done, then it is something you should consider, as reduced performance of your solar system and damage to your solar panels and property may turn out to be very costly

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